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The construction industry has struggled a bit in recent years. This is not because there's not amazing technology out there to make construction easier. There's tons of technology, and it's amazing! Rather, the struggle seems to be that there is a shortage of labor. Many young people are not as interested in working in construction anymore. We hope that we can do our part to change that. In posting on this blog, we hope to reach a wide audience, including young people who may want to work as contractors. There are excellent jobs in the industry, and learning the basics on this blog can set you up for success.


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Toilet Got The Sweats? 3 Tips To Keep It Dry

If your toilet is sweating all the time, it can be frustrating to try to clean the toilet. Water can build up on the floor near the toilet also. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep the toilet dry, three of which are listed below. 

Dry the Air

One reason your toilet sweats is due to wetness in the air. This is caused by high humidity, which is common in a bathroom. To help with this, put a dehumidifier in the bathroom to keep the air dry. You do have to always run the dehumidifier for this to work. There are tabletop dehumidifiers and larger ones that sit on the floor. 

If your bathroom does not have a fan, this would be a good time to install one. This fan not only helps keep sweat off the toilet, but if you run it while showering, water will not build up on other things, such as shower doors, countertops, etc. Sweat can also build up on walls and ceilings, which can cause mold and mildew to grow. 

Insulate the Toilet Tank

Insulating your tank will keep it warmer, which will prevent sweat from building up on it. You can purchase insulation at a home improvement store. It is generally made of foam or other protective material. You place the insulation inside the toilet tank. 

You can place a cover outside of the toilet tank to prevent sweat buildup. There are covers you can purchase at a home improvement store that are made for this purpose. Insulated toilets are available if you want to replace the toilet. These toilets are already insulated, so you will not have to do anything. Hire a plumber to install the toilet for you if you purchase this type. 

Use an Antisweat Valve

You can install an antisweat valve to prevent condensation buildup. This valve is placed in the water supply line that leads to your toilet. The valve adds hot water to the water in the line. The water is then warm enough to warm the inside of the tank and the toilet bowl. This prevents condensation from building up outside of your toilet.

You can purchase an antisweat valve kit at a home improvement store and install this yourself, or you can hire a plumber to do this for you. 

A plumber can give you more tips to help with sweat buildup on your toilet.